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Dr. Levine's Ultimate Repair Creams


Doctor Formulated, Easy and Fast Weight Loss.
Using this unique fiber drink only ONCE A DAY will help you lose weight. There is NO DIETING!

The Best Fiber Formula on the market today. This patented product contains 5 different types of natural fibers for maximum effect and contains healthy B vitamins and antioxidants to promote quick results with overall health improvement.

Dr. Levine carefully included only natural and healthy ingredients, avoiding the all too common stimulants, or dangerous ingredients found in many weight loss products. Each serving fills your stomach with 17 grams of fiber that stretches your stomach, sending nerve impulses to the satiety center in your brain, telling you to stop eating!

Start improving
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Dr. Levine's 360° HEALTH PRODUCTS

8 Nov
Dr. Levine's 360 Smart Weight° is doctor-recommended Weight Loss Formula. "The Smartest, Healthiest, Safest, Easiest and Most Effective Way to Lose Weight"®, helping thousands of people nationwide.

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8 Nov
The most comprehensive health-enhancing antioxidant nutritional supplement in the world with the single most effective source of antioxidants available. Enhanced with pomegranate and Acaci, patients feel a difference in their overall being within weeks.

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8 Nov
The ultimate combination includes Dr. Levine's Ultimate Anti-Aging Day and Youth Restore Night Cream™. Fight aging, repair cellular damage, support and protect skin structures with this simple regimen.

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