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Nutrition And Fitness

Dr. Levine is an expert in nutrition and fitness.

He has studied both his entire life. Dr. Levine has been interviewed on both radio and TV for his nutritional opinions and advice. Dr. Levine has also been hired as a speaker to educate other doctors. Dr. Levine has dedicated his life to health and nutrition. As part of this commitment he has been making an antioxidant vitamin for more than 15 years. His Dr. Levine’s Ultimate Antioxidant Formula ™ contains over 30 antioxidants and is arguably the most powerful antioxidant vitamin on the planet. People who have been using his product note that they feel better and do not seem to get sick as often. Dr. Levine’s intense research into vitamins and nutrition provides him a unique depth and working knowledge of nutrition, botanicals, and supplements. Dr. Levine has remained fit his entire life. He is well experienced with weight training, and aerobic exercises, and holds a black belt status in karate. Dr. Levine has dual Board Certification. He is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Currently he is completing advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging.