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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement


As we age, our hormone levels change. When we are young our hormones are nourishing and building our body are keeping everything in good running order. For example, Growth Hormone peaks in our early 20s and then declines. Growth Hormone is responsible for many bodily functions essential to growth.

After the early 20’s, some people’s growth hormone has a steep decline causing their body to age faster; others have a slow decline allowing their body to age slower. As we age, hormone production may drop off and all the benefits they provide will diminish too. Women become menopausal both mental and physical problems including, hot flashes, emotional instability, memory loss, heart disease, weight gain, dry and wrinkled skin and mucous membranes, depression, loss of interest in sex, and even painful sex.
All of these problems can be avoided or reversed with proper hormone replacement.

Dr. Levine uses bio identical hormones whenever possible. Bio identical hormones simply mean that the replacement hormones are identically similar at a biochemical structure to what your body naturally produces. Obviously, the more similar the replacement hormone is to your body’s own natural hormone production, the more benefits and least amount of side effects occur. Many people who choose to let nature “take its course” and choose not to replace deficient hormones are essentially allowing their body to age and deteriorate more rapidly than necessary. They are likely to develop problems that are painful, and decrease the quality of life, happiness, and longevity. Commonly people who choose not to replace deficient hormones develop osteoporosis, obesity, heart disease, depression, sexual dysfunction and even some forms of cancer. Failure to replace hormones will cause silent deterioration of your body and eventually diminishes the quality of life. Hormone deficient people become very indecisive, moody, irritable, fatigued and depressed. Sadly, not only have they affected their life, but also they are unpleasant and inadvertently have a negative impact on everyone around them. Yes, Men need hormone replacement too. Just as women go through menopause, men commonly suffer from andropause. When men have insufficient testosterone, they commonly have both physical and psychological changes, which include weight gain, changes in the actual composition of their body so they lose lean muscle and gain body fat, loss of bone (osteoporosis), energy, and sexual functioning (impotence and loss of libido). Men that are low on testosterone also become indecisive and depressed. Evaluating your current hormone status and tailoring a custom replacement program can avoid all of these problems.

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