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Skin Care Treatments


Facial PRP

Platelet-Rich Plasma consists of using your own body’s blood components to heal, reduce inflammation, and help improve the tone and texture of your skin, making you look more youthful. Many people prefer this procedure, as it is natural—you are using your own platelets to improve your skin volume, texture, and color. Specifically, injecting platelet-rich plasma in your face helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles; tightens and tones the skin, making it appear more consistent in color; improves collagen, the building block of skin structure; and reduces facial volume loss. The actual procedure is done in our advanced surgical suite. Blood is drawn from your arm and spun in an specialized centrifuge, whereby the platelet-rich portion of the blood specimen is obtained. This platelet-rich specimen is then subjected to an advanced-light treatment that more fully activates the platelets and provides enhanced results. Once the platelet-rich plasma has been activated, it is then either injected in your face or micro-needled into the skin. Sending the platelet-rich plasma into the dermis of the skin stimulates collagen production, helping to improve facial structure, reduce wrinkles and volume loss, and create a healthier and more even-toned skin.


SkinPen® is a precision micro-needling device that is used to help improve the appearance of the skin and acne scarring. SkinPen® is the only FDA -cleared micro- needling device in the world, and was approved because of its safety and efficacy. The SkinPen® uses a special sterile & disposable cartridge containing 14 micro stainless steel medical grade needles to create 1600 micro injuries per second. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing process to release cytokines and growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to improve the skin structure, elasticity, and tone. SkinPen® is usually given in a 3 treatment cycle, that allows the skin to go through the 3 phases of wound repair, three times. The wound repair process consists of Phase 1 Inflammation, which triggers your immune system to increase blood flow. Phase 2 Proliferation which allows the immune system to release cytokines and growth factors that call the body’s repair systems to the area. This allows the wound to be rebuilt with collagen, elastin, new granulation cells, and a new network of blood vessels. In Phase 3 Remodeling– it allows the wound to become stronger and tightens the skin. Here a stronger collagen replaces the temporary collagen of Phase 2, and the wound transitions to new dermal tissues and blood vessels giving more support and structure to the skin. For best results, the SkinPen® is used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma therapy to enhance the effect. The SkinPen® treatment causes only minimal discomfort, which is further reduced by our special face-numbing protocol. After receiving the SkinPen® treatment, your face will be mildly inflamed and red for about 1- 2 days. We provide you a special kit to accelerate healing and minimize any downtime. Usually by day 3, the appearance of any inflammation (sun burn) is resolved. Try SkinPen® with platelet-rich plasma today!

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