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Advanced Prevention Strategies


Dr. Levine practices advanced strategies for prevention of disease learned in his medical school training, UCLA residency program, advanced post-residency courses, and his advanced anti-aging fellowship training. During his training, Dr. Levine worked with many world-renowned and famous doctors that were responsible for new and progressive changes in medicine. Dr. Levine, curious and inquisitive by nature, questions medical dogma and scientifically tests medical recommendations on his own. Dr. Levine attributes his successes in preventing patients from developing heart disease, strokes, and kidney disease to resisting the medical dogma and national guidelines. (For example, medical practitioners are taught that diuretics are the first-line medications for treating high blood pressure. Dr. Levine sees this as a ridiculous, dangerous recommendation, and, strictly, a cost-saving measure for the country. “Why would you expose patients to a medication that can alter your potassium, increase your blood sugar and uric acid, and cause dehydration—any of which could be deadly—when we have medications that beneficially treat blood pressure that actually are healthy for the body and protect the heart and kidneys…in effect, acting like a vitamin for the body?” Dr. Levine also notes that for the past 50+ years, medical practitioners following national guidelines treated patients to a blood pressure goal of 140/90, yet scientific data showed for over 30 years that the goal for blood pressure should have been 120/80—which is how his patients’ BPs are treated. Most practitioners blindly accept national guidelines, failing to understand that the guidelines have placed a heavy weight on financial costs for the country and ignore patients as individuals. According to Dr. Levine, these decisions were unfortunately penny-wise and pound-foolish, as many people being treated to a blood pressure of 140/90 severely advance their risk of stroke, heart disease, and kidney failure. The cost of hospitalization and treatment for those diseases far exceed the cost of placing more Americans on blood pressure medication, and the non-financial toll and suffering that it causes for many people—simply following their doctor’s recommendations—cannot even begin to be measured.

Dr. Levine uses many advanced testing strategies to optimize the health of his patients. Nearly all of the testing can be done in his state-of-the-art medical office. Dr. Levine is especially proud of his ability to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease, along with his ability to prevent or greatly minimize the chance of developing a variety of diseases that many Americans acquire. Dr. Levine is passionate about investigating each of his patients’ risks of various diseases, and providing a treatment plan that will minimize those risks, prevent hidden or silent diseases, and optimize their health and longevity. Dr. Levine’s patients affectionately refer to him as “The Medical Detective,” or “The Patient Whisperer,” as his thorough approach allows him to find the root of one’s health problems (frequently missed by others) and to discover silent conditions that his patients were unware they had.

According to Dr. Levine, treating patients for optimal health requires a very thorough investigation, using advanced testing to uncover all conditions that could rob your health and longevity, and then creating a personalized treatment plan that can address and treat each and every issue in the most effective manner. Anything less than treating the entire patient, and all organs and systems, will produce less than optimum results. Optimal health means having health and longevity, and not having any weak links that could rob the freedom and happiness that comes with being healthy.

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