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Men’s Hormone Health


Most men, when they hit their 40’s, can drop their testosterone levels, which is called andropause. Common symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of libido (sex drive), loss of muscle mass and strength, apathy, and irritability. Many are unaware that low testosterone levels actually increase their risk of heart attack, diabetes, and prostate cancer. Andropause can be caused by many conditions, including stress, insomnia, medications, poor diet, alcoholism, excessive exercise, lack of exercise, head trauma, testicular trauma, smoking, hormonal disorders, supplements, and nutrients. The most common cause of the drop in testosterone is simply the fact that aging causes testosterone levels to drop. Most men do not come in complaining of any symptoms, and it is only through Dr. Levine’s comprehensive physical that andropause is frequently discovered. It is important to understand that andropause is frequently silent, yet will have dangerous effects on your body if it is not properly treated.

Dr. Levine offers expert treatment in andropause. He will determine if you have a medical reason for the drop in testosterone, and if you do, it will be treated and can result in normalization of your testosterone levels. If no medical cause can be found, then Dr. Levine will treat the andropause with bioidentical testosterone. This is testosterone that is biologically similar to what is made in your body. Dr. Levine believes bioidentical creams offer the safest, most consistent, and most natural way to replace your testosterone. Dr. Levine also offers testosterone injections when appropriate. Dr. Levine carefully monitors testosterone to make sure that an effective biochemical level of testosterone is achieved not only in your blood, but at the cellular level where testosterone absorption is critical. Many doctors are unaware that testosterone replacement can lead to thickened blood, which leads to increased risk of stroke or heart attack, and that high estrogen levels can occur, creating many health risks for a male. Dr. Levine was trained under one of the leading endocrinologists, Dr. Stanley Korenman, who was a pioneer in testosterone and erectile dysfunction. Dr. Levine’s further training and anti-aging and regenerative training and fellowship allowed him to formulate the safest and most effective therapy for andropause.

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