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Annual Physicals


Dr. Levine’s Extremely Thorough Physical Exams (what others may call Executive Physical) is the standard for each of his patients.

You do not need to be an executive to have an executive physical. Typically, an executive physical is a more advanced physical that some primary doctors offer to their patients for an extra fee. In other words, they provide a basic physical for their patients and offer a more detailed and thorough physical for those who are willing to pay extra.   This creates two classes of patients: those that may have been fully evaluated, and those that have definitely not. “Executive Physicals” have been a marketing ploy by aggressive businessmen—typically hospitals or private businesses that claim to offer advanced care for the corporate elite. In most cases, these are nothing more than businesses set up to bill for numerous tests, and do not have a long-term care plan or way to provide the necessary follow-up needed to optimize one’s health. Dr. Levine has had patients that have had executive physicals in their past prior to receiving care from Dr. Levine. Each of these patients has later confided in Dr. Levine that his exam was more thorough and helped them understand their own body and medical conditions on a much deeper level. Patients rave about the thoroughness of Dr. Levine’s exams.

Dr. Levine believes all patients deserve and require a detailed and thorough physical exam with comprehensive lab work to uncover silent diseases and offer optimal prevention of future health problems. To do anything less, is to ignore silent conditions that could rob your health, happiness, and longevity. Since most chronic diseases are silent until the end stage where symptoms may first arise, it is essential to discover any conditions that could impair your body’s health, function, and longevity. Dr. Levine provides a very comprehensive physical examination and laboratory evaluation that frequently discovers many silent diseases and future health risks. As Dr. Levine states, “I have dedicated my life to providing the best health care available. My training, judgment, and compassion make me strive to optimize the health of my patients as if my patients were my own family. I am obsessive at reducing their risks of future problems and helping them live a long, healthy, and vibrant life.”

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