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Dr. Levine’s interest in skin care and skin diseases dates back more than 30 years when he was a medical student and resident.

Dr. Levine received advanced training in dermatology at UCLA and received the Solomon Scholars Award for his research on male pattern baldness during his residency. Due to his advanced training and scientific skills, Dr. Levine created a variety of skin care products, including sun protective products, and day and night antioxidant creams to help heal, repair, and protect the skin. Dr. Levine also has safe, state-of-the-art medical equipment to improve the texture, tone, and appearance of the skin.

Dr. Levine has a special interest in dermatology, and evaluates, treats, and prevents many of the common dermatologic conditions; these include skin cancer, skin growths, hair loss, acne, nail diseases, skin rashes, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, callouses, warts, and a variety of other conditions. Dr. Levine also received additional advanced training in podiatry/foot care, and is able to diagnose and treat most conditions of the foot.

Hair Preservation Techniques

Both men and women can experience hair loss. Dr. Levine offers evaluation of hair loss, and strategies that regrow and maintain healthy hair growth. Hair loss occurs for a reason—if you begin to lose your hair, it is always the best and least expensive idea to seek help early. Dr. Levine offers a variety of treatments depending on the issue causing your hair loss. Dr. Levine creates a personalized plan to address the cause of hair loss and uses nutritional supplements, medications, and platelet-rich plasma therapy as a means to help regrow your hair. For men with advanced male-pattern baldness, Dr. Levine can refer you to the arguably best known and sought-after hair transplant surgeon in the world.


Dr. Levine offers a variety of treatments for acne, and has customized strategies to help reduce future breakouts. Acne can lead to disfiguring scarring, and people with cystic acne should seek treatment as early as possible to help prevent scarring from developing. Dr. Levine has discovered a way to offer effective acne treatment for cystic scarring that diminishes the amount of medication and resulting costs needed. Dr. Levine does have successful treatments, that reduce the appearance of scarring, using platelet rich plasma or SkinPen for micro-needling.

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