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Primary Care/ Internal Medicine with Anti-Aging

Primary Care/ Internal Medicine with Anti-Aging

Dr. Levine has been referred to as providing “one-stop shopping for your medical needs.” Being dual-board-certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging, and having advanced training in numerous other medical specialties, Dr. Levine provides “head- to-toe” medicine. As he likes to say: “Whether you are here for headaches, an ingrown nail, or anything in between, I will provide you with great service.” Dr. Levine uses his advanced training—utilizing a holistic approach (viewing the body as one)—to care for patients’ entire spectrum of concerns. Unlike many primary care physicians who choose to see volume and refer patients to specialists, Dr. Levine’s training allows him to offer expert care in most conditions. This offers numerous benefits, including preventing the fragmentation of medical care; saving time and money; and allowing for holistic treatments. This makes optimization of your health possible. Dr. Levine’s goal is to optimize the health of his patients so that they live healthy, vibrant, and long lives, and also to prevent both obvious and silent diseases that can rob their health and longevity. When Dr. Levine does need to make a referral, he sends you to what 25 years of experience has shown him are the best specialists available. Dr. Levine’s practice includes many patients who live outside Orlando, traveling from various states and countries. Dr. Levine’s patients refer to themselves as “spoiled” by the excellent, thorough, and advanced care Dr. Levine provides, and this is the reason they are willing to travel great distances to see him.

Each one of our patients is considered family to us!

Dr. Levine is extremely passionate about optimizing the health of each and every one of his patients. He is focused on prevention, treatment of medical conditions, optimization of health, and patient education; he wants patients to understand why he may suggest various supplements, medications, or therapies. Dr. Levine arguably has the most compliant patients in the world. What is Dr. Levine’s secret to having such awesome compliance? Dr. Levine believes in taking the time to first listen to his patients regarding their concerns and limitations, and then providing them the education and personalized medical plan to be successful in their treatment. Dr. Levine’s background in psychology, along with his strong communication skills, allows him to give his patients the knowledge and motivation to take healthy actions to optimize their health and longevity. Dr. Levine’s gifts of great judgment, thoroughness, compassion, and sincere interest in making his patients the healthiest in the country, inspire many patients to rave about the thorough, advanced, personalized, successful, and compassionate medical care they receive. Come experience excellence in medical care at Dr. Levine’s small, friendly office, where he and his welcoming staff are dedicated to offering highly personalized, state-of-the-art prevention and medical treatment

Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Levine is dual-board-certified in Internal Medicine & Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Levine also has the distinction of having advanced training in anti-aging strategies through his additional fellowship training and his experience as an insider in the nutritional and supplement industry (to which Dr. Levine has been creating and designing nutritional products for more than 25 years). Many are unfamiliar with the term “anti-aging,” but it simply means that you can turn back the clock so that you look and feel younger, and, more importantly, support your body and organ systems to function as if they were younger. Typically, Dr. Levine helps older patients turn back the clock to a period when they were in their early or mid-40s. Anti-aging also commonly refers to your appearance looking younger than your chronological age. This is done by using medications to reduce wrinkles, and by using hyaluronic acid-type injections that provide volume to areas that have fallen or become depressed with time and gravity. Dr. Levine uses a customized approach for each patient, and he uses the best and most effective of anti-aging techniques, supplements, and prescription drugs to help nourish the body inside and out. One key area of evidence of anti-aging is nourishing and protecting your circulatory system, and preventing a heart attack. Using advanced techniques and a combination of medications and supplements, Dr. Levine is able to improve your vascular system, help prevent plaque, and keep your arteries from aging and thickening (atherosclerosis). Dr. Levine’s interest in anti-aging occurred more than 25 years ago when he designed the most comprehensive antioxidant vitamin available. 360°smarthealth™ antioxidant vitamin® is based on the fact that most diseases are caused by inflammation, which is literally oxidation. Antioxidants prevent oxidation and prevent and stop inflammation in the body. 360°smarthealth™ antioxidant vitamin® has over 30 of the best antioxidants in the proper dosage to provide health benefits. There are three things that separate 360°smarthealth™ antioxidant vitamin® from the other antioxidants in the market.   The quality, dosage, and diversity of ingredients are what make 360°smarthealth™ antioxidant vitamin® “The Best Health Insurance You Can Buy In A Bottle™.” The quality and dosage of ingredients is critical to your body being able to receive the antioxidant benefits. Many supplements are created by businessmen and marketing experts that lack the scientific knowledge or medical understanding to design effective supplements. These supplements may not enhance health due to the use of ingredients that are not properly cultivated or processed, or used at too low of a dosage to be beneficial. Even worse, many raw ingredients used in supplements are contaminated with adulterants including dangerous chemicals, fungi, yeast, bacteria, and toxins.

Ingredient quality, processing, and dosage are necessary to make an effective nutritional supplement. These factors, along with antioxidant diversity, are the key to preventing oxidation in your body. Certain antioxidants are helpful to various organs or sites in the body. For example, Silymarin, and NAC (N-acetyl-L-Cysteine) are great for your liver; vitamin A, alpha & Beta-carotene, Lutein, Cryptoxanthin, Zeazanthin, and Billberry are great for your eyes; and Coenzyme Q10, B Vitamins, Mixed Natural Tocopherols, and Resveratrol are great for your heart. 360°smarthealth™ antioxidant vitamin® provides excellent ingredients, effective dosages, and the greatest antioxidant diversity of any supplement sold.

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